The Basics

What is the Chromas Affiliated Artists Program?

The Chromas Affiliated Artists Program is a partnership opportunity that empowers Artists to earn through the licensing of their artwork to Chromas for production. By joining, Artists gain access to our global platform, receive royalties, and can earn commissions through affiliate marketing. It's a way to connect with a community of creatives, gain exposure, and monetize your passion for art. What Is Chromas?

How does the program benefit Artists?

Artists benefit from a comprehensive support system that includes financial rewards, promotional efforts, and community engagement.  You'll receive competitive royalties for every sale and have the chance to earn more through commissions. Plus, your work will be featured on our platform, giving it the visibility it deserves. How Much Do Artists Make?

Is there a cost to join the Affiliated Artists Program?

No, there is no cost to join. We believe in supporting Artists without any financial barriers, so you can focus on creating and sharing your art.

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What sets the Chromas Affiliated Artists Program apart from other platforms?

We pride ourselves on our Artist-centric approach, offering higher royalty rates, personalized promotion strategies, and a supportive community that fosters collaboration and growth. Our platform is not just a marketplace, it's a launchpad for your art career. Artist Support

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