What Is Chromas?

Chromas is a cooperative manufacturing platform that specializes in producing a wide range of physical artwork, including static, digital, and kinetic pieces.

We empower Artists with a diverse library of high-quality materials to design new works of art.

Once designed, Chromas handles all of the production and behind the scenes logistics.

We believe in supporting creativity; that's why our Artists receive a fair share of every sale, empowering them to thrive in their artistic journey.

How It Works

Who Designs It?

Our Artists and Designers hail from all around the world. Most are Individuals and Small Businesses.

Every work has a credited Artist with a profile for you to learn more!

Interested in becoming an Affiliated Artist?

What Type of Products Can Artist Create?

Our system extends beyond traditional mediums, offering Artists and Designers a platform to transform their digital artwork into a variety of physical product forms.

This flexibility empowers them to venture into complex product designs that go beyond 2D prints and laser-engraved items. By doing so, Chromas provides a versatile and innovative marketplace for artistic expression and commercial opportunity.

Our material library includes a variety of woods, metals, acrylics, and base items like shadowboxes, precision clock movements, versatile lights, and a range of framing options.

The library is constantly growing and designed to inspire creativity and enable artists to craft distinct, personalized works of art.

How It's Made

At Chromas, every product is a blend of time-honored techniques and cutting-edge technology. Crafted with passion in our Texas-based facility, our skilled artisans bring each design to life with a personal touch while staying true to the Artist's original vision.

Handmade:Our craftsmen build and assemble every piece by hand giving every product its own unique character and quality that machines alone cannot replicate.

CNC Technology:Complementing our traditional methods, we utilize state-of-the-art Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology. This allows for precision and consistency in parts that require exact measurements and intricate detailing, ensuring each piece meets Chromas' high standards.

The fusion of artisanal skill and technological precision is what sets Chromas' products apart. It's not just manufacturing; it's an art form where every piece tells the story of its creation, from the imagination of our Artists, through the hands of our craftsmen to the homes of our customers.

Online Marketing & Sales

Chromas.com is the home to the entire collection, in addition we operate a network of stores on other platforms including Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and TikTok. Artist maintain control of their works and can determine where they want there products featured.

We are also active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest! Follow us on your preferred platform to get Discounts and Updates!

A dedicated budget for advertising across these channels and web search helps in driving sales and enhancing Artist visibility.

Distributors & Physical Retailers

With an emphasis on growth and customer reach, Chromas leverages an ever-expanding network of physical retailers and distributors.

This dual online and in stores approach ensures the availability of Chromas products in diverse locations, and allows for tailoring regional specific products to cater to a broad customer base.

The partnerships with retail entities are pivotal in driving sales and bolstering Chromas' market presence, showcasing Artist's works to ever more people.

Artist Royalties

At Chromas, the heart of our business lies in supporting the creativity and passion of the Artists who design our products.

Each sale not only contributes to the company's success but also directly benefits the Artist responsible for the design. This symbiotic relationship is the cornerstone of our operations, ensuring that Artists receive a fair share of the profits from their works.

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