Marketing & Promotion

How we spread the word.

General Questions

Are there opportunities for Affiliated Artists to feature in Chromas marketing?

Chromas actively showcases exceptional work and community involvement. Your artwork could be spotlighted in our marketing campaigns, and you might even be selected as our Featured Artist of the Month.

Can I promote my artwork on my own channels?

Absolutely! We encourage you to promote your artwork on your personal website, social media, and other channels. We'll provide you with all the necessary materials and guidelines to help you maximize your reach.

How will Chromas promote my Artwork offline?

Chromas promotes Affiliated Artists' work through various physical channels, including wholesale distributors, retailers, and events. We aim to give your art the exposure it deserves to help increase sales and recognition.

How will Chromas promote my Artwork online?

We use a combination of digital marketing strategies, including social media promotion, email marketing, and featured listings on our website, to showcase your artwork to a broad audience.

What amount of marketing is dedicated specifically to my artwork?

Beyond our general marketing efforts, a specific portion of each sale from your collection is reinvested into promoting your individual portfolio. The more successful your sales, the more resources are allocated to market your unique creations.

Will I have a say in how my artwork is promoted?

Absolutely. We value your vision and brand, and collaborate closely with you to ensure promotions are in harmony with your artistic direction. You have the autonomy to dictate how your artwork is presented in advertisements and on social media through your Artist Dashboard.

Social Media

Does Chromas engage in promotional activities on social media platforms?

Yes, Chromas actively promotes its presence on social media. We create engaging videos and various content featuring our products, and we also implement paid campaigns to enhance the visibility of our posts.

What social media platforms is Chromas active on?

We currently are active on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and more!

Ad Campaigns

How Much Does Chromas Spend Marketing My Products?

A dedicated portion of each sale is reserved in a global advertising pool, ensuring that your artwork receives widespread promotion from the start.

Where does Chromas run ad campaigns?

In addition to our social media programs, Chromas runs ad campaigns within the Google ad network.  This means your products are show in search results, YouTube videos and more!

Special Events

What types of events does Chromas participate in for marketing purposes?

Chromas takes an active role in marketing by participating in various events and art fairs, where we set up booths to showcase and sell our products. This hands-on approach allows us to engage directly with our audience and provide them with a tangible experience of our offerings.