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At Chromas, we believe that art is not just an expression, but a collaboration. That's why we invite you to become an Affiliated Artist, where you'll be rewarded for sharing our passion for individualized art.




Earn Some More

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Why Partner With Chromas?

Get Paid For Your Creativity!

As an Affiliated Artist, you'll earn a base royalty from each of your designs. Plus, you have the opportunity for additional earnings through our commission program, allowing your creativity to flourish financially with every sale.

Free Promotion!

We actively promote the Chromas library across various online and physical channels, giving your artwork the exposure it deserves. This means your work is showcased to a broad audience, increasing the likelihood of sales and recognition.

Exclusive Opportunities!

As an Affiliated Artist, you'll gain exclusive opportunities to collaborate with other renowned Artists. These collaborations can open doors to new creative horizons and expand your artistic network.

How It Works

Becoming an Affiliated Artist is an easy and rewarding journey. Here's how it works:


Fill out our straightforward enrollment form to begin. We'll review your application and respond promptly.


As an Artist, you'll receive a royalty from all works sold, without any further action required on your part. Your art continues to generate income for you, even when you're not actively promoting.


After approval, you'll get a unique affiliate link. Spread the word via your website, social media, or wherever your audience engages with you.

Earn Some More!

Reap additional rewards for your promotion! Earn a commission for each customer who purchases through your affiliate link.

Benefits of Becoming An Affiliated Artist

Generous Royalties

Enjoy a steady stream of income from the base royalties on your artwork sales.

Additional Commissions

On top of royalties, earn more through our commission program when your designs captivate customers.

Creative Control

Maintain creative freedom over your work while leveraging the Chromas platform for exposure and sales.

Promotional Support

We invest in promoting your work, ensuring it gets the visibility it deserves across multiple channels.

Community Engagement

Connect with a network of like-minded Artists and affiliates who support and inspire each other.

Professional Growth

Enjoy a steady stream of income from the base royaltBenefit from our resources and guidance to expand your skills and business acumen in the art world.ies on your artwork sales.

Exclusive Collaboration Opportunities

Gain access to unique opportunities for artistic collaborations that can elevate your profile and portfolio.

Augment Your Existing Income

Keep an eye on your progress and easily track your payouts with our user-friendly dashboard that tracks your referrals and product performance.

Recognition and Rewards

Be recognized for your contributions with special rewards and features in Chromas campaigns.

Dedicated Support

Our affiliate team is ready to assist you with any inquiries or support you might need.


Gain access to promotional materials and insights on best practices to enhance your earning potential.


There's no pressure! Promote as much or as little as you prefer. Our program doesn't have minimum sales requirements for affiliates.

Join The Collective!


Meet and interact with other Affiliated Artists and affiliates in our vibrant community forums.


Leverage networking opportunities to broaden your influence and artistic footprint.

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Have questions or want to learn more? Our team is eager to help. Contact us and let's get started on this journey together.

Your art has power.

Share it with the world and watch it thrive.