Qualifications & Enrollment

Everything you want to know about qualifications and enrollment in the Chromas Affiliate Program

Who Qualifies?

Can Businesses Join The Program?

Yes, we love to partner with Small Businesses! If you're a business looking to collaborate, Chromas is the perfect place for you.

Can I submit artwork that has been displayed elsewhere?

Yes, you can submit artwork that has been displayed elsewhere, however we do not sell products not produced by Chromas.

Can International Artists Join The Program?

Absolutely! We celebrate diversity and encourage Artists from all corners of the globe to become part of the Chromas family. Our platform is designed to showcase international talent and connect Artists with a worldwide audience.

What are the guidelines for submitting artwork to Chromas?

We have a detailed submission guide that outlines the technical specifications, thematic guidelines, and quality standards required for artwork submission to ensure consistency and excellence across our platform.

What kind of artwork is Chromas looking for?

Chromas is on the lookout for artwork that resonates with originality and creativity. We welcome a diverse range of styles, all designs must be submitted in digital formats, and be your authentic creation.

Who can join the program?

The program is open to all Artists and Designers who create original artwork. Whether you're an emerging talent or an established Artist, we welcome you to apply. We're looking for individuals who are passionate about their craft and eager to share it with the world.

How Do I Join?

How do I sign up for the Affiliated Artists Program?

To sign up, simply fill out the application form on our website. Once submitted, our team will review your application and notify you of the next steps.

How long does the application process take?

We respect your time and strive to process applications quickly. Typically, the review process takes between 5-10 business days. During peak submission periods, it may take a little longer, but we'll keep you informed every step of the way.

Is There An Application Fee?

There is absolutely no fee to apply. The Chromas Affiliated Artists Program is free to join, with no hidden costs or membership fees.

What criteria are used to evaluate my application?

We evaluate applications based on the originality of the artwork, the quality of the presentation, and the Artist's potential to grow within our community. We also consider the diversity of our existing collection to ensure a wide range of styles and perspectives.

What happens after my application is accepted?

Congratulations! Upon acceptance, you'll be granted access to your Artist Dashboard, where you can upload your designs, set your preferences, and begin your journey. Additionally, a welcome kit full of valuable information to help you thrive in the program will be provided.

What happens if I decide to leave the program?

If you choose to leave the program, you can do so at any time. Your account will be deactivated, and your designs will be removed from our platform.