Sales & Distribution

Find out where and how we sell products.

General Questions

Am I permitted to sell my art on other platforms as well as Chromas?

Absolutely! We encourage Artists to showcase and sell their designs across various platforms. Chromas offers a drop shipping service to facilitate deliveries directly to the end customer, ensuring a seamless purchasing experience no matter where the sale is made.

Do I have control over the sales channels for my products?

Yes, your input is crucial. We work in tandem with Artists to ensure sales channels align with your vision. Through your Artist Dashboard, you have the ability to specify where your products are sold, both online and in physical retail spaces.

How does Chromas support Artists in maximizing their sales?

Chromas provides Artists with robust tools and insights to help maximize sales potential. From market trends analysis to customer behavior insights, we equip you with the knowledge to fine-tune your offerings.

What happens if there's an issue with a sale or a customer return?

We strive for a smooth sales process, but should an issue arise, Chromas has a dedicated Artist support team to assist with sales-related concerns.  We hold hold royalty payments for the duration of the return window so Artists never have to worry about royalty or commission claw-backs.

Online Sales

Where Does Chromas Sell Products Online?

We have active stores on Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest.  Soon we will be expanding our online sales channels to include Ebay, Amazon, Faire, Target Plus, Walmart and more!!

Offline Distribution

Where Does Chromas Sell Products Offline?

Chromas sells products through a growing network of distributors and retailers as well as trade shows and special events.